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  • Doing business in kenya

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    The purpose of this handbook is to provide information to the local entrepreneurs
    and business leaders on the regulations, procedures and requirements, the
    opportunities and incentives offered by various laws and regulations, the kinds of
    support services they can seek from the government, and widen their access to
    information on business opportunities and sources of funding for investment.

  • Highway code for road users -NTSA

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    In commitment to enhance road safety, we have prepared the Syllabus for Instruction
    of Learner Drivers and Riders. This Syllabus will guide instructors in preparation of their
    lessons. Within the syllabus we have included recommended teaching aids that we expect
    the instructors to utilize.

  • Kenya Learner DRIVER handbook-NTSA

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    This handbook is prepared as a guide for use by drivers. It is a comprehensive information source for the rules and regulations, information and advice that you need to drive safely on the Kenyan roads.