Kenyan food recipes


This first version of recipes book covers a total of 142 mixed recipes. The main components of the book include for each recipe a list of ingredients with household measures, the preparation and cooking method, cooking time, nutrient profile per 100g of recipe, servings and a photograph of the final dish. In addition, individual recipes have been grouped into broader categories for ease of reference. Recipes that are common among urban dwellers have also been captured

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This book is a detailed account of commonly consumed dishes featuring a diversity of mixed ingredient recipes from across Kenyan communities. These recipes were selected based on frequency of use and so the most commonly used recipes are featured. The book was developed side by side with the revised Kenya Food Composition Tables (KFCT) and so nutrient calculations for mixed recipes featured were drawn from the revised Kenya Food Composition Tables (KFCT), 2018.
As Food systems are dynamic so are food recipes. The greater the diversity of cultures the greater the diversity of recipes as is clearly demonstrated in this book. For example, a single food group can be prepared and eaten in diverse ways by the different people groups as the case in Kenya. This means different cooking methods applied will affect nutrient values of the final dish in diverse ways and hence the need to document the most common recipes and provide a link between policy and practice. Therefore, this book will provide great support to all actors in the Food and Nutrition field towards adopting food based approaches to realize nutrition commitments as enshrined in the pledges for Kenya Vision 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).